Clicklock Premium Standing Seam

ClickLock Premium Standing Seam in Mustang Brown

We proudly refer to ClickLock premium standing seam as the “Cadillac” of standing seams.  There are several things that position it as being very different than most vertical seam roofs.  You simply won’t find a product of its integrity and quality at the big box stores.

  • Produced from permanently rust-free thick .032” aluminum. (Steel standing seam is usually .024” or thinner and does not carry a rust warranty.)
  • Active “snap lock” connection between panels.
  • All fasteners are concealed. No exposed screw heads to back out or leak over time.
  • ClickLock panels are just 12” wide which means greater strength and uplift resistance. Additionally, narrower panels have a better “scale” for enhanced beauty on smaller jobs and homes.
  • PVDF coating available in many colors includes warranty against fade and chalk. Coatings include heat-reflective pigments for energy efficiency.
  • Lifetime / 40-Year Transferable Non-Pro-Rated Warranty.
  • Narrow 1-7/8” high seams allow more water to be carried on each panel.
  • Required roof pitch is 2:12 on most applications but, with approval, can be as low as 1.5:12.

ClickLock Standing Seam has been designed for discriminating property owners who want the beauty of traditional vertical seam metal roofing, but want to make sure it will last.

Many other vertical seam roofs are not designed with long term maintenance-free permanence in mind. ClickLock offers the wind and fire resistance of metal roofing and has been specially designed for residential applications.

A Variety of Colors