How To Buy

simple steps for buying a standing seam roof

We want to help you buy a beautiful new metal roof by offering this suggested list of simple steps for purchasing our Direct from the Factory Standing Seam roofing products.


Product Education

Understanding the differences between various types of vertical seam roofs is critical. Many homeowners and contractors have purchased vertical seam roofs from big boxes or local fabricators only to be very disappointed when they discovered that what they purchased was a lower end product often with exposed fasteners, lower grade metals, and paint finishes prone to fading and chalking.

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Measure Your Roof

Through this process, you can provide us with your roof measurements or they can be obtained via satellite images. Based upon your information, we can discuss your roofing options and make recommendations. We will keep your project information on hand so that, if questions come up during the installation process, we can refer to your specific details.

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Get a Custom Quote

We can quote our ClickLock Premium Aluminum Standing Seam system to you, complete with all trims and accessories custom formed and fabricated for the shape and pitch of your roof. The ClickLock system is produced from heavy .032” thick aluminum with a top quality fade and chalk resistant PVDF finish available in several colors. The system is secured to your roof using stainless steel screws and fasteners. We provide everything you need including underlayment and all flashings, including pipe flashings.

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Place Your Order

Our lead time on shipping most orders is 7 – 10 days to allow for the custom flashing fabrication and the roof panels which will be cut to length for your project. The project will be delivered to you via common carrier with a scheduled delivery time. It also could be picked up by you at a local freight terminal. Or, you can choose to come pick up your order at our factory in Piqua, Ohio and receive a plant tour as well!

Payment is via personal check or credit card in advance of shipment.

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Install With Confidence

We have a detailed manual and video available to help you through the installation process. Additionally, we are available for phone and email consultation before, during, and after your installation. Metal roofing is great, but it must be installed properly. We will work closely with you through the entire process. The use of electronic photos and videos, as well as the drawings of your roof which we will have on file, really help to expedite matters.

Get Standing Seam Installation Information

It is important to recognize that ClickLock is a true standing seam system. It has all concealed fasteners and is secured to the roof using clips which allow for the movement of the metal with temperature changes. Inferior vertical seam roof systems include those with exposed fasteners and also those with “nail hems” which allow only minimal movement, are very subject to precise fastener driving, and have locks that are pone to popping apart when uplift pressures are applied.

Learn more from our detailed manual and ClickLock installation videos.

We’re Here for You

In every step of the process, our dedicated customer support teams are here for you. Help is only a phone call or click away.