Standing Seam Roof Underlayment

Thinking about a standing seam roof? Regardless of how you purchase your roof, here’s some information on our unique combination of underlayments that can help you get the most out of your roofing investment. 

Understanding Underlayment

While quality standing steam is a great choice, underlayments provide additional protection for your home.

Building science research proves the value of proper ventilation for moisture control and to create healthier mold-resistant homes. The proper underlayment helps control water flow during installation and continues to protect your home by preventing water from getting into the structure.  

Standing seam roofs inherently pass gained heat through the roof deck and structure. A proper underlayment creates a thermal break between the roof and your home, improving ventilation and reducing energy costs.

Choosing the wrong standing seam underlayment can put an entire structure at risk. Improper underlayments lead to water getting into your home, as well as to condensation, rot, and even higher energy costs.

What’s the Best Standing Seam Roof Underlayment?

We’ve got you covered with an exclusive solution ideal for standing seam roofing.

We combine Vent3® with RoofAquaGuard’s Dry-Tech entangled mesh underlayment creating a breathable roof system with a thermal break to:

  • improve ventilation
  • reduce heat gain 
  • prevent condensation
  • control moisture
  • minimize ice dams m
  • reduce energy consumption

While this premium combination of underlayment brings high performance to all standing seam roofs, it is essential when the structure has limited ventilation or is constructed of insulated panels, including SIPS (Structural Insulated Panels).

Quality underlayment is part of every successful roofing installation. Don’t skip this vital contribution to your new roof’s performance.

Want to learn more?

This Standing Seam Protection Package is exclusively available in North America from RoofAquaGuard, part of our family of roofing products.

Purchasing and installing these 2 products together offers superior performance. Your purchase may qualify for volume discounts and additional savings on freight.

Our roofing experts are available to guide you through a decision on underlayments for your new standing seam roof, even if you don’t buy your roof from us.

Details – Quotes – Samples

VENT 3 Breathable Underlayment

Vent3® allows water vapor to escape the home’s envelope, preventing condensation.

Dry-Tech Entangled Mesh Underlayment

Dry-Tech creates a thermal break significantly reducing conductive heat gain

Our exclusive Standing Seam Underlayments help your home (and you!) breathe easy.