Small Projects

When adding a small to medium-sized addition to your home, or when building a small dwelling, consider ClickLock or Universal Standing Seam. We offer short lengths, custom lengths, and a variety of colors. And, we will supply and help you plan for small projects and metal roofing panels with a smile.

“We like small orders.”

Putting on a Porch Roof?

Front, back or side, a porch is a nice place to be. You may need to re-roof an existing porch, or perhaps, you’re putting one on from scratch.

Adding a Bump-Out Addition to Your Home?

Bump out additions in kitchens, bathrooms, and other living areas can provide extra space without the expense of full, foundational construction. Older and urban homes can benefit from these great additions. However, sometimes the small amounts of great looking roofing material for bump out additions can be hard to source. We can help, with custom fitted roofing panels and custom flashings, all delivered in a kit for easy installation.

Constructing a Tiny House or other Small Dwelling?

Odd angles, tight spaces, and not a very large roofing platform are all just part of everyday problem solving for us. In small spaces, the roof performs a variety of functions, including helping with cooling and retaining heat, controlling run-off, and protecting the structure. We can design a complete, small roofing system for your small space, cost-effectively delivered in a small kit. And, you have a great selection of color options.

Builders of tiny and small homes can find additional resources for choosing a roofing system that is just right for small projects here:

Difficult Decisions: One Simple Solution

Your roofing decisions for these special spaces can be difficult.

  • What’s available in relatively small amounts?
  • How to compliment what’s already on top?
  • How can we make it look great?
  • What will last?
  • What’s best for the environment?
  • What’s affordable and easy to install?

We provide one, simple solution for small projects with ClickLock and Universal short lengths.