Measuring Your Roof


In order to properly quote the materials for a roof, we need exact dimensions. These dimensions will later allow us to cut the roof panels to length, so accuracy is critical. With your information we will create a complete materials list for your roof, discuss your roof, and the installation process. Most customers use one of the following methods of supply us with measurements:

Architectural Drawings

While they must be confirmed for accuracy, architectural drawings of the building can be used. We like to receive elevations as well as the roof plan, and can return your drawings to you upon completion, if you wish.

Sketch With Dimensions

You can provide us your roof sketch showing the shape of your roof and dimensions. In preparing this, you may find it helpful to review online aerial images of your building which can help you in drawing the shape of it. Once you have that, you only need to fill in the dimensions and the roof pitch. There are smart phone apps which can be used for determining roof pitch. Providing photos of your home can also be helpful to us.


There are services such as Eagleview which allow you to place an online order for aerial measurements and drawings of your roof. We do suggest verifying the measurements to your actual roof before supplying the details to us.

Whichever method you choose for measuring your roof, you can email the information to us directly, or attach the information using our Get A Quote form. Be sure to let us know what sort of protrusions are currently on your roof such as pipes, electrical entrances, and vents. We can usually provide a materials list and price quotation with 3 business days.