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Vertical seam metal roofing comes in 3 general product types. Though it is our belief that true standing seam is the only option that should be considered for residential use, you should understand why.

1. Through-Fastened Vertical Metal Roofing

Through-Fastened PanelAlso called “exposed fastener”,  these are sheets of corrugated metal that laid on the roof, with screws are driven through them to secure them to the roof deck. Very commonly used on agricultural buildings, we are increasingly seeing these products used on residences. These panels have no built-in allowance for the metal’s movement with temperature change. As a result, the fasteners bear the forces of thermal movement. This causes fastener holes to wallow out and fasteners to back out or even break over time. Additionally, the fasteners have failure-prone washers that are supposed to seal out the weather.  If the screw is not 100% properly seated, moisture works its way in. Over time, the washers crack and break down. If the screw backs out, moisture can also get in.

Through-fastened panels also only have an overlap on the sides of the panels, not an interlock. Additionally, these products often have polyester and modified polyester coatings which do not carry the fade and chalk resistance offered by better coatings. The very lowest-end of these panels have acrylic clear coatings designed only to protect the panels during transit and installation.

2. Nail Hem Vertical Metal Roofing

Nail Hem PanelThese panels are much like vinyl siding. They have a nailing strip running down one side, usually with elongated holes designed to allow for the expansion and contraction of the roof panels. If the fasteners are over-driven or if the fasteners are not all located exactly in the middle of the slotted hole, the allowance for expansion is ruined. This causes ripples to appear in the panels.

The interlock between these panels is typically very shallow.  When subjected to uplift pressures during severe windstorms, the centers of the panels will arch up, causing the lock to disengage. Many of these products also have lower quality coatings.

3. Standing Seam Vertical Metal Roofing

ClickLock Standing SeamStanding Seam roofs are designed with clip fasteners that allow the metal roofing panels to float as needed with the naturally occurring expansion and contraction of the metal caused by temperature changes.  Additionally, standing seam panels and their accessories are designed to have only concealed fasteners. These are the types of systems specified by many chain (multi-site) establishments with hundreds of buildings to protect and beautify. They are also widely specified by architects and homeowners.

The highest quality standing seam systems will have PVDF coatings noted for their fade and chalk resistance.

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