Universal Standing Seam

Universal Standing Seam


There are so many metal roofing choices; it can be overwhelming. Let’s look at a few of the ways in which Universal Standing Seam is the best choice for you and your home. Cost, beauty and performance come together in this permanent, steel, vertical seamed panel roofing option from Standing Seam Direct.

  • Produced from top quality American-made G90 galvanized steel that is .022” thick! Many other products use lower grade and thinner foreign steels
  • Our PVDF finish is available in colors to complement or highlight your fine home, while reducing your utility costs with special heat-reflective pigmentation.
  • The interlocking 16” wide panels look great on homes of all sizes while staying tightly secured to your home in even hurricane-force winds.
  • Pre-formed accessories complete your roof installation with a minimum of field fabrication.
    Required roof pitch is 2:12 on most applications, but with approval, can be as low as 1:5:12
  • The hidden integral fastening strip speeds installation by avoiding separate clips.
  • You will receive our exclusive Lifetime / 40-Year Limited Warranty which is fully transferable and never prorated.

Universal Standing Seam will protect and beautify a home or other structure  wonderfully, adding value and saving you from future roof maintenance.  Make an investment today that saves you long into the future while adding value to your home.

A Variety of Color Options